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Incubate Startup Technology Accelerator

Incubate Startup Technology Accelerator (ISTA) is part of Red Crest Charitable Trust, formed with an aim to network with pioneer institutions in order to promote the Industry – Institution interface, train individuals and explore the opportunities in technology entrepreneurship in the field of Education, Engineering, Healthcare and Environment (in compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

Key Support Areas:

Sustainable Agriculture

Accessible & Affordable Healthcare

Climate Change Mitigation & Resilience

Green & Inclusive Livelihoods

Gender Equality

What ISTA offer for Institutions, innovators and startups (primarily those are working in the above domain)

  • Incubation Centre Setup-Management : Creative thinking is where the ideas are born. This means that all the institutions (primary, secondary or business and technology education institution) are a potential source for ideas that can change the world. ISTA thus helps in setting up tech incubation centres and help manage them to make the Base of Pyramid a strong and robust entity in order to promote indigenious ideas and groom them into successful businesses.
  • Access to capital – The primary need for any technology startup to grow/scale up is the funds. ISTA, through its experience and networks provides various opportunities in national venture capital (private and government) and business angel funds to bring risk capital.
  • Consulting– One stop solution for technology entrepreneurship management, Brand Building, IPR, Business Services, Providing Access to Financial Investors, People Connectivity and networking, Program and Human Capital Management 
  • Mentorship – Connect to an rich experienced pool of mentors, with an  unique network of certified mentors that support and train startups in the construction and validation of their business models.
  • Advisory – The startup tenure requires support from various  directions. Access to the advisory support in technical as well as business areas.
  • Education – workshops on content and cutting-edge topics to investigate the state of the art in innovation, startups, growth strategies, and emerging technologies and applications.
  • Workspace and facilities – Utilize our network to engage with institutions working on similar interests and areas for co-working, event rooms, meeting rooms, and break areas.
  • Community – a network of experts, startups, companies, institutions, and investors that interact during events, generating new business opportunities.


Salman Shaikh, PhD

Rajanish Prabhu

Harshwardhan Medhekar

Nishant Tikekar, PhD

Dr. Bhakti Jamdade

Amit Kenjale

Salil Jain

Jameel Patel

Vivek Jalan

Ismail Akbani

Poonam Chauduhari, PhD