Easy Access to Capital (A2C) : Seed and Angel Investment

ISTA, under Red Crest Charitable Trust, brings an opportunity for the investors as well as budding entrepreneurs for sustainable growth and successful startup ventures. ISTA provides a one-stop solution that includes finance, technical and marketing support to the startups that are registered under the MCA.

As is seen, most of the early stage startups (bootstrapped companies) are at an idea or Minimum Viable Product(MVP) stages and hence can’t have a “right” valuation, that often keeps them starved of the funding. Most investors are not very clear about investing in such “high risk” seed funding unless these startups are backed by some reliable and reputed names. But at the same time such startups require funding support in form of seed or angel investment to refine, validate, prototype and scale up in order to make the Idea big.

ISTA, through a pool of investors, with whom it conducts quarterly meetings and briefs them about the activities happening under the Indian Startup Ecosystem, makes them aware of the risks and opportunities for “equity” investments. ISTA manages the investments and agreements for these investors, who often are Angel Investors, HNIs, VCs from family and corporate funds. Investment in Indian startups can be a great opportunity with very high returns and many HNIs are seeking to multiply their investments by supporting promising startups at the seed funding stage by getting better equity shares. ISTA also proposes a Security Seed for every investment put into startups, an amount that is often returned to the investors, in case the startup fails.

A2C (Access to Capital) is a Pitch Deck event that is held multiple times a year allowing the ideators/innovators and early stage startups to present their ideas in front of this pool of investors.

If you are looking for an investment, and would like to be a part of this pool of investors, kindly write us at incubate@redcrestcharity.org